A fishing tradition

A fishing tradition combining the art of living and gastronomy

Our Fisherman’s Farm provides you with freshly Lampreys caught in season. You’ll also be able to buy our Lamprey à la bordelaise verrines all year long!

Whether it is for a Gourmet stop or just to have a break, come visit us and enjoy a shaded area!

And if you can’t come: place your order! We offer free shipping to the following areas: Bordeaux CUB and Lesparre.


Our recipes have been created with the aim to make the most of the regional produce. We get all of our products from local growers and winemakers.
The wines used for each of our recipes are: Saint Emilion and Bordeaux Supérieur wines for our « Lamprey à la bordelaise » and Loupiac for the Lamprey cooked in white wine.

Our fish are cooked according to traditional recipes passed on from father to son.

And last but least, we had the great pleasure of joining the Welcome to the Farm network since July 2013. This partnership has been nothing but rewarding and we thank this network for its wholehearted support.

You can find our range of products in our online shop or you can come straight to the farm 

Located in Lavagnac, a commune of Sainte Terre and the lamprey capital of the world, the Cabestan - Ferme du Pêcheur is part of the 15th century tradition of Lavagnac fisheries.

On the banks of the Dordogne, the Cabestan - Ferme du Pêcheur opens its doors to you and invites you to come and discover all the specialties made from fish caught in fresh water on the Dordogne river and cooked like the Lamprey à la Bordelaise.
Come and be surprised also with our LAMPROIE RILLETTES. Unique! Le Cabestan - Ferme du Pêcheur offers seasonal sales of freshly caught fish and throughout the year its lamprey verrines à la Bordelaise.

Since 2018, we have been welcoming groups with visits to the fishery and organizing tastings or discovery meals of our traditional Bordelaise lamprey. This year, we will have the pleasure of offering you the option of tasting Lamprey in Loupiac white wine in order to guarantee you new culinary adventures around SILURE!
Gourmet stopover on the banks of the Dordogne, we offer you the tasting of our products on the farm:

  • SEA EFFECTS (one-off events),
  • GOURMET TOURS, throughout the year,

So you choose your proposal, tasting visit or meal discovery of the lamprey in all its forms for groups (by reservation).

Finally in the summer period, from early June to September 2021:

  • the GOURMET STOPOPS of the FISHERMAN.At the fishery, discover the lamprey à la Bordelaise and its other recipes, eels in parsley and catfish ...

In short, unique culinary discoveries to discover with friends, family, colleagues in our pop-up restaurant. (booking is recommended!)

For a reasoned and reasonable fishing

We work in sustainable fishing and we are committed to transforming our lamprey from local agricultural productions.

hus, the wines that allow us to process lamprey in Bordelaise or Loupiac come directly from the vineyards of Sainte-Terre (Bordeaux and Saint-Emilion) and Loupiac. The leeks come out of the land of the market gardener of Lamothe Montravel (5km).

This year again, we are supporting our neighbors and winegrower friends with the purchase of a Saint-Emilion barrel to develop the special cuvée: Lamproie à la Bordelaise with Saint-Emilion wine. Limited production and already very popular!

Always so happy to live collective adventures with all the farmers of Gironde of the Bienvenue à la Ferme network, we will also be able to meet at events organized by the Bienvenue à la Ferme network.

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