Le Cabestan Ferme du PĂȘcheur

David Durand has turned his passion into a career: he has been a professional fisherman since 1994. All his efforts to develop his business was rewarded when he got to finally open an artisanal transformation laboratory in 2012.

All the fish are caught in the Dordogne fresh waters using ancient techniques. They are then cooked in a way that will enhance the flavours. The genuine aspect comes from the traditional craftsmanship passed on from father to son for three generations.

The Lamprey is not only the Queen of our river but also Queen of our kitchens. It is thus not a surprise that this fish is to be found in various recipes, with the old time favourite: Lamprey à la bordelaise !


Le Cabestan - Ferme du pêcheur

David et Sabine Durand
LD Lavagnac
2 Route du Port de Peytor
33350 Sainte-Terre

06 20 89 41 84
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